Ridgefield High School
students sitting on playground equipment

Our School

We are strong and proud here at Ridgefield High School, serving students with nationally-ranking academics since 1971. Our exceptional students work hard and it shows, with test scores regularly falling among the top in our state and across the country. In fact, our school ranked in the top 10 percent of Newsweek’s 2015 list of the top high schools in America.

We serve nearly 1,800 students on our campus, proudly guiding students on their journey to adulthood. We offer a number of extra-curricular activities to give students the well-rounded education that colleges look for in applicants. Our rigorous curriculum ensures that graduates are well-prepared for life beyond high school, no matter what path they choose.

Ridgefield High School Mission Statement

Our educational community strives to cultivate a highly engaging and personalized learning environment that encourages individual growth, resilience, citizenship, and empathy.